A Powerful multi vendor shopping cart – Fantacy

eCommerce script provides the feasibility to develop a website that can go live within seventy-two hours. It takes away the straining task of developing coding, trial run, quality check and fixing bugs. The clone script from fantacy works like a charm, as it is a bundle included with numerous features that most individuals would want in a commerce website. The bundled software is capable of bringing together a single category of the marketplace or establishes multiple products, creating a platform for buyers and sellers to meet each other, irrespective of geographical location.

Creating the multi vendor shopping cart creates a platform that brings together stores, products, and people on a single platform. It is an innovative shopping script that functions efficiently, even during troublesome economic times. The online shopping is increasing at a faster pace. It is giving the convenience to buy products at affordable prices from different sources. Moreover, the growth of social network has further fuelled the growth of multivendor platform, as people check for the products and the stores from which they purchased. The easy-to-use consumer experience is vital for a website to survive and reap benefits. Creating a pleasant experience for the consumers is necessary to make a website become a leading social shopping community.

Fantacy – Easy multi vendor shopping cart

The ecommerce script, clone script from fantacy harnesses the power of popular commerce websites and their business model. The front-end modules include email notification, responsive, designs, inbuilt theme management, hashtags, dashboards, shopping cart, orders, and social media connectivity, following stores, people and collection. The administrator receives authority over the entire management, where he or she can setup commission, manage the discussion board, overlook the payment gateways, automatic email management, user account management, setup multiple language system, statistics, review order history and dispute management.

The multi vendor shopping cart arrives in different packages to suit the requirement of a business model. As it is difficult to invest an enormous amount for a start-up company, the availability of packages makes it easy to kick-start the operations with the least investment. The basic package includes professional installation, Web Portal script, hundred percent source code, free support and paid updates. Any individual can turn into an entrepreneur by selecting the appropriate package. However, it is feasible to follow strategic planning and the business model to ensure that the script functions according to the requirement and develops a new model of social e-commerce community.

Creating a new trend is important. The layout, appearance, availability of products, flexibility and convenience play a significant role in attracting buyers and sellers. It is possible by choosing the multi vendor shopping cart from fantacy that is the bundled software consisting of numerous features required in promoting the e-commerce website. Downloading the demo version will give the opportunity to access the functionality of the software. Moreover, the round the clock support establishes a commanding control over the script running that ensures smooth operation of the Web Portal at all times. The script is a simple and easy to manage, giving the ability to configure the settings according to the requirement.