Fantacy – Spettacolo 1.3.4 is out.

Waiting is over. The stable version Fantacy –Specttacolo 1.3.4 is out and available for download at customer portal. It is a great pleasure to announce this particular release, the reason is, this time Fantacy is getting updated in all modules and add-ons. Yes! The basic mobile web version we had in the previous releases has been revamped and got its new shape.

What is updated in the mobile web version?

  • User interface of new mobile version is completely changed to match the new native apps interfaces.
  • Additional functions are activated this time in mobile version for the buyers. It is moreover a buyer friendly version, so they can manage their carts, follow sellers, write comments and lot of happiest things are applied for buyers .
  • What is new with Fantacy iOS & Android Native App?

    The native apps are updated with lot more attentions and this time the apps created with the main concern of stable and no crash at any state. They call it NO CRASH version internally. It’s not stop with stability, continues with the long list of changes on the native apps. We have listed the important features here.

  • Yes, a seller can add item for selling using this native app by taking picture using Camera!!
  • Any seller can manage their orders by giving information about the shipment and tracking details to the buyer
  • Buyers can track their orders using the apps
  • Push notification implemented for most of the important activities of any buyer and sellers
  • Amazing flat layout designs are applied over all the pages of the apps
  • Location based product filters are introduced for buyers
  • There is much more improvement in term of performance and stability. Sooner the new version will be approved in the stores and will be available for your reviews.
    Including these all updates, fantacy has got fixed some hotfixes on the last release 1.3.3. The new version is updated in the demo server already. Enjoy the FANTACYTIC ecommerce script.