A Medium To Connect People, Products And Merchants – Fantacy Multi vendor Script

Fantacy script gives the opportunity to setup an e-commerce web portal that is unique and exciting. The shopping experience changes over the night and people will benefit from the entire operation and layout of the web store. It is because of the new features added into the software.

Fantacy developers have combined a unique mixture of well-established web store script along with a dash of creativity. The script is a clone of the popular e-commerce site that allows an individual to setup a successful online business. The platform allows merchants to publish their products and services. Users from any sector of the globe can reach out to these merchants to buy prospective products.

Cloning of the script is the easiest method. It replicates the business logic and provides complete customisation. The customisation option allows the developers to meet the requirement of the business. Due to this, it is possible for the developers to offer a rapid multi vendor script.

Fantacy – Social multi vendor script

The script allows the admin to host a platform meant for multiple merchants from different areas. Usually, people start the e-commerce business with a particular niche and expand slowly, based on their investment and plans. However, the multi vendor script enables the growth of the business right from the start.

Fantacy script has all the features necessary for an e-commerce website to become successful. The admin gains control over the entire platform. With the administration in hand, an individual can monitor the entire activity across the website.

He or she can manage user and merchant accounts, draft the commission, monitor the overview of transactions, setup dispute management, and setup payment gateways, design the layout and introduce new categories to meet the expectations of the users. With the complete control over the entire operation, an individual can run a business right from the home.

The multi vendor script program from fantacy gives a flexible incorporation of coding lifted from popular e-commerce websites. In order to check for the operation of a functioning, people can download the demo version of the software. The trial version possesses all the features. However, the actual functioning of the script varies according to the package selected by the individual.

The fantacy developers have divided the features of the software based upon the business model. Therefore, it will be easy is for an individual to become the right package according to their necessity. The priority lies in analyzing the growth of the business, accommodation of merchants, users and products.

The script cloning is offering an excellent opportunity for any individual to turn to an entrepreneur. The action also allows the user to set up a business within a few hours. Inclusion of the features and the performance of the script depend on the business model and configuration of the script.

The smooth functioning of this multi vendor script defines the operation and ensures that the site is live at all times. The round the clock support from the developers is the beneficial element in the program, offering the required assistance at all times.