Fantacy – A multi vendor shopping script with Group Gifts

Sharing the gift to your friends and family is made so easy with fantacy. Just create a group gift and ask your friends to contribute. That’s it, fantacy will take care of the gift reaching your gift recipient. Without this amazing feature any multi vendor shopping script cannot be defeat the current trends. We fantacy has it as is.

Easy wizard to create Group Gifts

It’s quite three step wizard to create a group gift by buyers. Buyer can choose any products and click “Create Group Gift” start the wizard.

1. Choose Recipient

First wizard helps the buyer to choose the recipient and it requires the shipment information and other basic details for the shipment process.

2. Personalize the Gift

Second wizard helps the buyer to personalize the contribution details. It requires the title and message for your friends. It also asks for additional notes to the seller in case if you wanna notify something.

3. Finalize your Gift and Share it

Third wizard creates your group gifts and gives the other options for sharing the gift through social networks

Managing the Group Gifts

Buyers can manage all the group they created or contributed under their profile “You -> Group Gift Lists”. This list provides the complete list of group gifts along with it’s status and total contribute amount. The status can “Active”, “Complete” and “Cancelled”.

How does it works?

Every group gift created will have an expiry date and within this date if the funds are collected from your friends, the seller will be notified by email to process the shipment. If the group gift failed to get sufficient fund from your circle, all the funds will be refunded to your account as credit points.