History of #hash tags and it’s importance in social networking

Social media is empowering companies, governments, businesses, websites, institutions and people in order they can express their ideas and accomplish their purposes. However, there are more than a few things that we should have in mind when we analyze communicational strategies throughout the different social channels online. Social networking is a masterpiece in our society and they way we communicate is a very important things to achieve our organizational objectives. One of the most used elements in social media is hashtags (#) –especially in Twitter and Instagram. However, I’d like to let you know how millions social networking users are getting the most out of hashtags since Chris Messina –a social technology expert— was the first person in using a hashtag on Twiter on August 2007.

Nowadays, hashtags are created intentionally to promote your ideas and synthetize everything you need to get a special visibly throughout social media. Every social media strategy on Twitter and Instagram should use hashtags because this is a very interesting way people can find your tweets and an efficient technique to be more likely trending topic. For instance, if you would like to promote a new product in your online shop, you can create a hashtag in Twitter labeled #NewShoes or #FivePercentOffInShoes, and your followers can find easily your promotion and even you are going to be more likely to appear in the trending topic list.

Even though Twitter is the social media channel where hashtags are more frequently used, you can use hashtags in Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram and other social media platforms. Its importance is based on visibility the capacity to be easily found by your audience. In addition, in the case different people are using different words or keyword to talk about the same topic, using a hashtag is the best way to unify all the conversation about a certain topic and have more possibilities to rank better, become trending topic or identify your topic now. Moreover, using a hashtag in your campaign is going to increase the possibilities to be found when users make searches about something they are interested. For instance, if write a popular hashtag such as #TodayInHistory or #DidYouKnow, when someone type one of these hashtags can stumble with your account and follow you.

Another relevant use of hashtags is that use can create a brand around your business. Just imagine that you have a Hot Dogs store that you promote through Twitter. You can create a hashtag labeled #BestHotDogs or #FreeHotDogsToday or #TheBestHotDog. It could be a very special way to gain visibility in Twitter. As matter as fact, all the social media experts agree that using hashtags in your social media campaign will produce a better and optimized result than using any other way. In addition, you can get the most out of hashtag if you try to be creative doing something that your audience could follow. It is not recommended to create too long hashtags because social media users will have difficulties to remember them.

Introducing the #hashtags in social eCommerce system can’t be a wrong idea. It would definitely make a change in the regular online shopping. This can help to find the top trending topic on the eCommerce system and buyers would be interested to take a look at the product that has the hot talk. We are happily announcing that we are implementing the #hashtags in our fantacy social eCommerce script. This will be making a cool presence at end of this hot summer. Keep watching this blog.