“Christmas Discount” 50% OFFER For Fantacy 2.0 eCommerce Script

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Fantacy 2.0 Social eCommerce Script, an updated version which is presented with abundant of features and exalted packages for you. Earlier you had the version with the same prices, however on this great fiesta, you are going to have discounted programs. There will not be any alteration in the quality as we believe to make you contented with the great work, not by keeping the worth and trust at stake.

Underneath these packages of this software, there are amazing deals which you may not be able to overlook easily. Depending upon the budget and the work you have, the plans can be availed. Variety of apps, paid and free installation as per the detail, support, license, updations over recent things, and the customization can be done by choosing the required plan. The distinct packages are start up for beginners to know better, premium with enhanced features, leading to elite, bundle and ultimate with vital and almost all the features.

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Sounds amazing to have a updated version Fantacy 2.0 social ecommerce script at 50% discount rates as Christmas offer with impeccable features which are at your glimpse:

Live feeds
Hashtags in comments
Hashtag on trending page
Gift and Group gift selection
Automated color detection for Products
Multiple image upload option for products
Suggest Who to Follow
Recent activities on Trend page
Tax calculation for products
Alert for notification and shopping cart
Seller based rating system
Additional Banner Managements
Additional Features in Site Management

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